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About Designer

This is me

I am an interaction and user experience designer with a background in jewelry design and metal arts. Throughout my professional experience, I have worked in various artistic roles, including managing a jewelry website, creating jewelry designs, and working as a prop and costume designer for film productions. These experiences have taught me the importance and impact of design, and I am passionate about using design to enhance people's experiences and enjoyment. I believe that through innovation and creative thinking, we can provide users with interactive, usable, and aesthetically pleasing design solutions. I am excited to continue leveraging my design skills and creativity in future work to produce outstanding design work.

Experience & Award


Designer and Manager Assistant of YADAV DIAMONDS and JEWELRY (USA)

As a designer for a jewelry store, I was responsible for designing and beautifying the jewelry products on the store's website, enhancing the user experience and attractiveness of the website. Additionally, I participated in the management of the jewelry website's background, including managing product prices, inventory, and other tasks. Through close collaboration with the owner and the team, I successfully incorporated many new design concepts and ideas into the jewelry website, helping the store attract many new customers and increase its revenue.


Character stylist and Prop designer for film “ Lost in Treasure - Chinese name: 囧图寻宝 ” ( Chinese film shot in the LA, USA )

I prepared costumes and makeup for the leading and supporting actors in movies, and collaborated with the director and cinematographer to arrange set scenes and props. I am familiar with fashion trends and makeup techniques, and can quickly adjust and transform them according to the specific requirements of each role. My professional knowledge and experience help me create unique images for actors, enabling them to shine on screen.

8/29-9/02 2019

Gold award of the "China Arts Cup" - the 17th China Arts and Crafts Expo ( Dalian, China )

My personal contemporary jewelry artwork "Touching Nature" won the Gold award of the "China Arts Cup" - the 17th China Arts and Crafts Expo ( Dalian, China ). The inspiration for this piece comes from the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature, combining natural elements with jewelry materials to present a unique and exquisite style.

Skills & Information

UI/UX, Web Design, Wireframing,
Branding, Design UI, Motion, Illustration, Product Design, Animation, Coding(JavaScript & PHP & HTML&CSS), 

Wide range of skills in Fashion and Artworks, Strong ability and experience in design and making Jewelry and related products,
Character Stylist for film


2021-2023 MA Interaction & UI / UX Design. Academy of Art University

2016-2019 MFA Jewelry and Metal Arts. Academy of Art University

2014-2016 BA(Hons) Degree, Jewelry design and related products. School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University

2012-2014 BA(Hons)Degree, Jewelry design - China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China

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