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Pawscout offers real-time activity and location monitoring with our intelligent collars/chips. Never lose your pup again and ensure their safety with ease. Upgrade your dog-walking experience and indulge in the best with Pawscout!

Marketing Research
The US pet industry is the largest in the world with high pet ownership rates and strong market resilience.
Pet owners consider their animals a part of the family, leading to increased spending on pets.
The pet tech market revenue is expected to grow with a rising demand for pet monitoring devices to track health and safety.
Pet wearable devices are gaining popularity for improving the dog training process.
User Research

Target Audience:

​People who own dogs and enjoy outdoor activities like running, walking, hiking, and biking.

Individuals who bring their dogs with them while traveling.

Generally aged between 30 to 65 years old.

Busy with work or other commitments.

Service for people who need someone to walk their dogs or take care of them.

Task on UX

Locate the dog quickly

Provide warnings about harmful plants

Record the route

Directly recommend smart location products such as dog collars

Needs to be simple and easy to use

UX design strategy

The app is designed for financially stable individuals aged 30 and above who are capable of taking care of their own dogs.

The app interface should be easy to use and designed with simplicity in mind.

The app should provide real-time tracking for pets.

The app should have data visualization features that allow users to record and view their pet's routes.

The app should provide purchasing options for smart tracking products for dogs.

User Flows
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How it works
Task1: Track today’s hiking with her dog.
Task2: Buy a dog collar with a chip.

I positioned this project as an app that tracks dogs and also allows users to purchase products with tracking chips for their pets. I conducted market research, user interviews, and surveys to inform my design decisions. I designed the UX and UI, and after initial product testing, I made improvements to the app.

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