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Run to Survive

UI design

Run to Survive" is an app that combines sports, exercise, and gaming to make workouts more engaging. By utilizing AR technology, users can play games and interact with each other while exercising, making their workouts more interesting and entertaining.



Fitness is a key area in the global health and wellness market. At present, the total size of the global health economy is estimated to be worth $828 billion USD, with the United States leading the way with a market size of $264.7 billion USD, followed by China with $109.3 billion USD. The global fitness industry, which is a subset of the health economy, is valued at $108.6 billion USD, with an average per capita fitness spending of $384 USD.

According to the data from CDC, the adult obesity rate in the United States was 42.4% in 2019. According to a survey by Gallup, 62% of US adults reported that they exercised in the past 12 months in 2021. According to the data from the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, as of 2021, there are 641,000 fitness club members in the United States. According to the NPD Group's data, the sales of sports equipment in the US market reached 9.5 billion US dollars in 2020, an increase of 18% from the previous year

Project Goals

Make people who don't enjoy sports feel that fitness can be as engaging and enjoyable as playing a game.

Target Audience

Lifestyle: They lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, spending long hours sitting at a desk or in front of a computer. They may also have a tendency to binge-watch TV shows or spend excessive time on their smartphones.

Motivation: While they recognize the importance of physical activity and its benefits for their health, they may lack the motivation or discipline to stick to an exercise routine. They may also find traditional gym workouts boring or intimidating.

Tech-savviness: They are comfortable using technology and mobile apps to enhance their daily life and entertainment. They enjoy discovering new apps and features that can make their life easier or more fun.

Competitive spirit: They may enjoy games and challenges that allow them to compete with others and track their progress. They may also respond well to rewards and recognition for their achievements and milestones.



​UI Works


Style tile

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Designing a fitness game application has always been an exciting and beneficial project. Even though it was just my UI assignment, I conducted extensive research and gained a deeper understanding of the needs and preferences of the target audience through market research and user surveys.

During the market research, I found that more and more people enjoy playing games but struggle to maintain motivation to exercise. User surveys showed that people want a fun and interactive way to exercise and stay healthy without the boredom and monotony of traditional workouts.

Overall, by combining game elements with exercise, I hope to create an exciting new way for people to stay healthy while enjoying the fun of gaming.

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