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with a strong background in jewelry and related material design. I have also worked as a stylist and prop master for films. Design is an essential part of my life.

Hi, I'm Jingying Liang
An interactive experience designer

My Work

Welcome to browse through some of my previous projects!

Creatiai - App Design

Spring 2022

Creatiai is an application that enables users to store, enhance, and showcase their travel experiences, even converting them into a novel virtual reality environment. It was focused on solving VR experience for traveling.

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Pawscout - Dog track App Design

Autumn 2021

Pawscout offers real-time activity and location monitoring with our intelligent collars/chips. Never lose your pup again and ensure their safety with ease. Upgrade your dog-walking experience and indulge in the best with Pawscout!

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Run to survive - Web App Design

Autumn 2022

"Run to Survive" is an app that combines sports, exercise, and gaming to make workouts more engaging. By utilizing AR technology, users can play games and interact with each other while exercising, making their workouts more interesting and entertaining.

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Branding Design


This project involved creating a brand design for an ice cream shop called "Magic Ice Cream". I worked on designing posters, website homepage, brand logo, and packaging for advertising purposes.

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Bench Finder - Code Project


This project is a code project that tracks benches. The project is designed to be viewed on an iPhone 12 Pro.

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Promotional animation for a book


I made a promotional video animation for this book.

It is a book that tells a love story between a mortal man and an immortal elf.

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